Closing Ceremony

Core Lead: Dar, Paul

Teaching Team: LaDerrick, Xochitl

Student Projects

Manuel Alvarez: Types of Covid-19 Vaccines

Annabelle Cacho, Esperanza Ceron: How does covid affect the respiratory system

Mia Terrazas, Maritza Benavides Cua, Joshua Molina: Distributing the vaccine

Aaron Johnson, Lucas Yang: What Are Coronaviruses, lifespan & how do they form?

Ellyssa Tate & Mia Villanueva, Fossil Fuels

Mauricio Bernal, Dalyn Brown: Could we have survived covid in the 1800s

Core Lead: Liz, Ramona

Teaching Team: Nicole, Martha

Student Projects

Dallanary Castor, Wendy Fernandez: Health disparities barriers in wyco 2020 during covid pandemic

Ashley Gonzalez, Ferdinand Guzman Renteria, Rubysell Munoz: Climate Change

Chukwunweike Onyemenam, Cristian Portillo-Castro, Sole Sykes

Adriana Rodriguez, Shane Benye: TB through Time

Alexandra Tabarez & Jocelyn Diaz-Gallegos: Hurricane Disaster

Kiyah Garlington, Lisa Vongchantha: How different vaccines affect people with pre-existing conditions

Core Lead: Diego

Teaching Team: Yakira, Francis

Student Projects

Mayra Rangel, Alissa Harris: How does covid affect people with pre-existing conditions

Manuel Olivas Vizcarra & Joshua Vasquez: Covid 19 (Distributing the vaccine)

Iman Brown & Jaida Henderson

Makayla Manning, Jhoselin Zacapala: What are the long term effects of covid-19 on your body?

Jaiana Kemper, She'Kaira Moore, Dre'Auja'Nay Wilson-Chapple

Gilberto Jurado, Bleh Say: Should people be forced to take covid vaccines

Core Lead: Lily, Andros

Teaching Team: A'nanee, Aaliyah

Student Projects

Axel Ponce, Kirsden Collins: How does covid affect different age Group

Marina Gomez Castillo, Andres Garcia Gallegos, Chidera Ibeagi: Covid-19

Alejandra Zacapala Martinez & Daniel Luna

Channon Hughes, Moe Da: How to prevent infection of covid-19

Biak Par & Pajah Vang

Van Tial, Yvonn Razo: What laws can we enact to get through a pandemic

Core Lead: Dori, Raul

Teaching Team: Gita, Ally

Student Projects

Juan Ontiveros & Cecil Christwell: Solutions to COVID-19

Frida Garcia Gallegos & Victoria Jones: Sexual Education: Can we improve?

Jazmin Rodriguez & Sonia Rodriguez Munoz: How Does COVID-19 Affect People Differently?

Elias Reyes Almanza & Nathanael Maldonado: Weight Management during COVID-19

Liliana Van Eijindt & Jacqueline Rivera: How to Live After Being Infected by COVID-19

Core Lead: Curtis, Jarvis

Teaching Team: Maria, Lauren

Student Projects

Patrick Schneeberger: Are vaccines safe for children under 12?

Quentin James, Aaron Reyes Almanza: Gun violence & Accessibility

Stacia Okosi

Antonio Olivas Vizcarra, Jacqueline Diaz-Gallegos: What's the origin of Covid-19 & how did it spread?

Ashley Terrazas, Cynne' Baron: What effect does covid have on different environments?

Chinagorom Ibeagu, Harold Merei Jr.

Core Lead: Ben

Teaching Team: Diamond, Itzel

Student Projects

Matthew Calhoun, Sui Par: Shopping in the Pandemic

Christian Pazos Chinchilla, Daiyana Jones: Covid 19 in the community

Kyllian Guzman, Calixto Tabarez: Global Warming & Rising water levels on surrounding coastal states

Tosha Patel, Fernando Banuelas: What Masks are the most effective at stopping the spread of covid-19

Noah Vang, Matthew Rodas: Flu and its effect on people 5 & under

Aaron Henson, Onyinye Onyemenam: Epidemiology in Wyandotte County

Core Lead: Edward, Leon

Teaching Team: Deborah, Christian

Student Projects

Carla Meraz, Citlali Galves, Quendrix Martinez: K-12 Education During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Damary Lara, Brieya Henderson: States that are most prepared for hurricanes in The UK

Kimberly Cerna, Caia Johnson: Natural Disaster(Earthquakes & Flood in China)

Christopher Hawj, Gema Ramirez Castaneda, Melissa Lara, Lung cancer and how it affects the body

Olivia Renteria, Sofia Mercado-Amado, Gisselle Jurado

Core Lead: Jaron, Hector

Teaching Team: Olivia

Student Projects

Janette Torres Bueno, Jose Rodriguez Munoz: How Does Virtual Learning Affect Your Mental Health?

Kelsee Collins, Jennifer Meraz: COVID 19 Misinformation & Keeping yourself safe

Chiang Aung, Emily Her: Infectious Disease

Alejandro Rodriguez, Ana Banuelas, Lluvia Gonzalez-Morales: Essential worker being overworked during the pandemic

Kamea Robertson, Christian Henderson

Nicole Mendoza, Guadalupe Campos: Salmonella Who it can affect(infants and elderly)

Core Lead: Mary

Teaching Team:Jackie, Irma

Student Projects

John-Mark Calhoun, Derrick Schneeberger

Sedric Scott, Makhi Bennett: Flu

Guadalupe Herrera, Melissa Herrera: Injuries in Wyandotte County Homicide Rates in Wyandotte County

Benjamin Pointer, Caleb Thompson, Ibrahim Garcia Gutierrez, Lynx Evans: Sanitation and importance

Erin Lynch, Dre’Vieon Chege: Asthma in kids under 18

Josephine Yang, Deborah Hawj: Bubonic Plague(The effects & history)

Core Lead: Rayven, Ahmed

Teaching Team: Carolina

Student Projects

Steven Castro Lopez, Courtney Hughes, Darian Torres

Michael Luna, Justin Rojas Santiago: H1N1

Bryleigh Burks, Javier Melendez: Global Warming Effects it has on earth

Daeleon Brown, Joel Merei, Josue Flores: Supporting local businesses during the Pandemic

Daniel Hawj, Patience Ibeagi: Tornadoes

Carrington Frazier: What has Covid Done With The Food Supply

Sarahi Aguierre, Dariana Torres: Homide Increase & Domestic Violence

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