Risk Factors Module


In the risk factors module, students in the K-12 initiative program will be able to learn and understand the causes of diseases that not only harm to us but also the environment of earth. Students will be able to go onto field trips into groups and learn and understand machines and people that can be used to prevent pollution to the water, air, and plants environment above all. Students also learn the causes of diseases and where it originates from. In addition to learning about the origins of diseases, students will also have the opportunity to learn about ways about preventing illnesses, how to protect themselves and those around them. While students learn about causes and the origins of the sickness or any events, they also learn about how there ways of preventing those causes to others and passing these knowledges off to those who have not been informed and to be aware of In order to be prepared for not only your health but also the health of the planet that we live in and share together. once they learn what the causes that are risk to both them and the planet, they build up informational graphite boards to help show pictures and examples of what the risk are and prevention to them as well.