Physiology Module


Students are introduced to different concepts as they relate to Physiology such as anatomy, biology, dissection, and molecular biology. They then participate in a variety of activities including labs, virtual labs, and dissections. The goal of the module is so that students have a deeper understanding of the human body, as well as understand some of the physiological reactions that occur in relation to that year's topic (ex: mental health, cancer, etc), as well as a deeper exploration of different epidemiological diseases.




Molecular Biology

Student Curriculum Spring Semester


Student Curriculum Fall Semester

COVID-19 Virus Model

How Soap Kills The COVID-19 Virus

The Respiratory System

COVID-19 & The Lungs

COVID 19 & Lungs

RNA Vaccine For COVID-19

Washing Your Hands

Washing your Hands!

Spirometer Lung Capacity

Lung Capacity Chart

COVID 19 Model

As part of the curriculum for Saturday Academy students were sent take home kits in order to follow along with the activities that the instructors were giving virtually.

This picture was taken by one of our students Kyle Evans as part of an activity in which students created a physical model of the COVID-19 virus in order to better understand the structure of the virus.

Student Curriculum Spring Semester

How does your immune system work?

What are mRNA vaccines?

What are antibodies?


Particle Size Chart


Antibody Presentation

This presentation created by Ahmed Alhamami one of the instructors for the Physiology module goes over the different types of antibodies.

He also discusses antibodies role in our body in helping fight of diseases. As well as explaining at a molecular level the different structures of antibodies.