Media Project

What is the Media Project?

Wednesday Media Project is an after school program for high school students where students explore topics such as social justice and health disparities at the Kansas City Kansas Community College. The team creates a safe and open environment in which students can freely express their views on the subjects. Students then come to a consensus and work through the year creating a short film on the topic they’ve selected.

Why is Media Project a valuable experience for students?

The Media Project fosters a collaborative learning community environment in which students are encouraged to develop connections with peers to reinforce the collaborative nature of learning through consensus building. Through consensus building, the Media team works with students in learning creative script writing, story boarding, acting, directing, filming, and editing. This process provides students with the opportunity to create authentic, creative products that apply to real-world issues and enhances the students ability to communicate with a variety of individuals from all walks of life.

Creative products are aired on local cable and social media to share with the community.

Script Writing


Directing & Filming