Summer Camps

Health Science Academy

The Health Science Academy is an intensive 5-week health pipeline experience. Interactive learning and career exploration are integrated through four learning modules: Bioethics, Physiology, Risk Factors, and Math. Students present research projects to medical and community stakeholders at the closing ceremony in mid-July. Students will be paid at the end for their participation!

For 2023, the camp is from June 19th-July 21st. The camp is held on Mondays through Fridays from 9am-3pm.

Residential Camp

Students participate in an immersive residential experience in which they in college campus dormitories with their fellow student colleagues and learn about college, receive hands-on academic activities, and workshops.

We hope to bring back the college dormitory experience next year!



40 high school students from Kansas City Kansas Public Schools are chosen to participate in the summer camps.

Instructors and Staff

Classroom instruction and discussion is facilitated by medical students, high school teachers, health professionals, and college interns. 


Camps are held at the University of Kansas Medical Center and Kansas City Kansas Community College. Depending on summer, students travel to various locations throughout Greater Kansas City to gain valuable hands-on experiences. Transportation is provided for students.

Residential has previously been held at the University of Kansas, Avila University, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Multicultural Night

Students get to show the importance of multiculturalism through music, dancing, fashion, and much more at multicultural night. 


With the help of a professional poet, students create and perform their own poetry. 


Students get to create a painting using a picture of themselves with the help of a professional artist.