Closing Ceremony

Welcome to the 2021 Summer Camp and ACE Internship Closing Ceremony!

Zoom Event Goes Live on July 23rd at 10am

10am: Welcoming Remarks

10:20am - 11:05: Student Research Presentations (see groups below)

11:05-11:15am: Break

11:15am-Noon: Closing

Group 1

Instructors: Raul Saenz, Jarvis Kemper

SEDC Student Research Topics:

  • How does race contribute to the mental health of 15 to 24 year olds? by Grace Johnson and Kevin Castaneda

  • How does stress affect teenagers and adults differently and what coping mechanism can be used to help them? by Sandra Sorta and Darian Torres

  • How do traumatic experiences psychologically affect children? by Brandon Dark and Dariana Torres

Group 2

Instructors: Ravyen Smart, Hector Bernal

SEDC Student Research Topics:

  • How does socioeconomic status affect the mental health of kids ages 13-18 in the United States? by Chinagorom Ibeagu and Wendy Fernandez

  • How do coping mechanisms affect the mental health of teenagers who suffer from depression? by Biak Par and Tiffany Lor

  • Does difference in cultural backgrounds affect patients' access to adequate care? Onyinyechukwu Onyemenam and Sifa Silvia

Group 3

Instructors: Dr. Lisa Harlan-Williams, Keva Gorman

ACE Intern Research Topics:

  • Cancer Recurrence by July Soe

  • Colon Cancer: Risks of Colon Cleanse versus Colonoscopy by Deborah Hawj

  • Cancer Screening: Insurance Coverage by Nasteho Ahmed

  • Financial Toxicity of Cancer: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Issues by Jade Kennedy

  • Breast Cancer: Treatment with Radiation by Shamir Smith

  • Head and Neck Cancer: Overview by Parmisha Pokwal

  • Lung Cancer: Prevention, Screening and Treatment by Alfonso Franco

Group 4

Instructors: Jaron Robinson, Geovanni Alvarado, Aaliyah Daniels

SEDC Student Research Topics:

  • How do health disparities affect poverty and homelessness among Adult Women in the United States? by Matthew Rodas

  • What influence does arranged/forced marriage have on the mental health of women and girls? by Kiyah Garlington and Phun Iang

  • How does race affect the mental health of Black and Asian adolescents? by Kit Thang and Amarachi Ndubuisi

Group 5

Instructors: Carolina Bueno, Curtis Smart, Daryoush Hosseini

SEDC Student Research Topics:

  • How do traumatic experiences affect women's mental health? by Marleen Carmona and Ashley Terrazas

  • How does stress from social isolation affect the everyday life of people from ages 13-25? by Anthony Moreno, Steven Castro, and Jaiana Kemper