Life Expectancy and Disease

Crude Death Rates are expressed as the number of deaths reported each calendar year per the factor (such as race, age, location) you select. The Crude Death Rate is plotted on the vertical access and the year (from 1999-2006) is plotted on the horizontal access.

Crude Death Rate = Number of people in your category of interest (like a specific race or age) divided by the Total Population multiplied by 100,000 (to standardize the number). This can be written out as an equation like this:

Crude Rate = Count / Population * 100,000

We provide the Crude Death Rate for each racial group in the United States; the top graph is for infants (less than one year old) and the bottom graph is for young adults (20-24 year olds). The Crude Death Rate for infants in 2006 ranges from the lowest (Asians) which is 414.72 per 100,000 to the highest (for Blacks) which is 1303.14 per 100,000. The Crude Death Rate for young adults in 2006 ranges from the lowest (again, Asians) which is 50.07 per 100,000 to the highest (once more, Blacks) which is 142.04 per 100,000.

To create additional graphs exploring other age groups, races, and geographical locations go to the Google Public Data Explorer

Below is Crude Death Rate for different age groups separated by race.

Infant Death Rate

Crude Death Rate of Young Adults

Below we provide Crude Death Rate from respiratory diseases, heart disease and diabetes

US Black population

US All Races

Below is a comparison of Crude Death Rates for different states. Scroll over bars to see the names of the states, use the slider on the bottom to change the year.

US All Races