Unit 2- Earth

This unit will cover how greenhouse gases are produced-- the combustion of coal, oil and gas, both through natural (i.e. volcanic eruptions) and manmade processes, as well as respiration (both plant and animal) and other pathways in the carbon cycle. Possible topics also include investigations into how coal, oil and gas were formed and alternative sources of energy.

Earth Group:  I've attached a couple of folders and an individual lesson...peruse and see if anything looks appealing (or fits what we have in mind)...in the meantime I will keep pestering Ed and find those mini-solar panels, wind turbine parts, etc. -- my search continues!
NOTE:  lessons that might be best to check out = "Renewable Energy Lesson" (math component); Excel sheet of "Carbon-footprint-calculator-offline.xls" ('2nd attachment down'); "Glacier Gone Lesson.pdf" (just in case we still wanted to do this...extra time, etc. or link to the field trip, etc.).
I have more links to the 'carbon footprint' thing (simple ones and more complex)...have at least 3 parts to the soil testing, but would like to have more - AND would like to talk about 'potential' logistical 'issues' w/this one.
See you all Saturday!  Thanks for being such a great team!  We need sweatshirts, huh?!  (hahahahaha!!!)