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Waterborne disease lab

This exercise was developed by Keith Johnson, KUMC Medical Student, and Heidi Mehl, Kansas State University Doctoral Student

Bacteria Lab Information

The purpose of this is experiment is to show you how easy it is to test for E.Coli bacteria and to explore locations in public places that might harbor these bacteria. Very simply, you are to divide into groups and then sample the following locations; a toilet, sink, pond water from campus, and a water fountain, select a few different locations. Take a small water sample from each location and then swab around the sink/toilet/fountain and place that swab in the small water sample from that location then pipette the water onto the Petri-films. All other directions are listed in the lab. We will incubate your films for two days and then post the results (pictures of your films) on this site. I will have some films that have been sampled a few day previous to this lab that we will use to discuss what we find and how to determine the quality of the water.

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