Unit 1-Water

Activity 1: Simulated water treatment plant

Activity 2: Waterborne disease

Activity 3: Stormwater runoff

Additional topics for discussion:

Sea level rise
  • What happens if the Greenland Ice Sheet melts? Is this different than if the ice cap at the North Pole melts? Buoyancy, density and volume. Sea Level Rise experiment, Density and Volume visualization.
  • Why does ocean water expand when it warms? Temperature, molecular motion, pressure. Molecules in Motion visualization.
  • Mapping coastal inundation. Topography, flood zones. Google Earth visualizations.
  • 2011 Missouri River flood. Map out flood plain, what areas are most vulnerable.
  • 1993 Kansas River flood.
  • What is a 100 year flood? Does this mean that it will only flood once every hundred years? Probabilities, risk, variance.
  • 2011 drought. Why is it flooding in northeastern Kansas but there's a drought in southern Kansas?
  • Rainfall patterns. Average rainfall, what is a 30 year norm?
  • When is a drought more than a drought?
Environmental Justice
  • How do all of these effects differentially impact vulnerable populations?