Uchechukwu Agali



By: Uche Agali

Most people don’t know the story of Medusa

Think she was born “ugly”

Most people don’t know my story

Think I’m born with these insecurities

Medusa was beautiful

Turned ugly through victim blaming

It used to be to me beauty was only beauty in the eyes of a man

Telling myself I was beautiful just wasn’t enough

Medusa was stripped of her beauty by Aphrodite

But stripped of her worth by Poseidon

Thinking he could pick her fruit

Park his car in her garage

Rest himself in her house

As if was his right

As if he owned her

I let my Poseidon deceive me

Fox in sheep clothing

I let my Aphrodites control me

Tell me how I could of stopped it

That all I had to do was

Put fence around my fruit

Shut my garage

Lock my doors

As if they weren’t already

Just because he’s seen my fruit doesn’t mean I let him pick it

And just because he knows my address doesn’t mean I let him in

It’s not my fault he thought he owned me

But you see a temple was made in Medusa’s name by women who’ve gone through the same thing

I’ve learned if someone starts a fire in your home just because you don’t acknowledge it doesn’t make it go away

So I will make a temple

Let us who’ve gone through cognate

We will not let our Poseidon’s control our lives anymore

We will turn our Poseidon’s to stone

We are more then what he’s done to us

I am more them what he’s done to me

I have always been more

We have always been more