Sandra Rascon



Life is what you make it

Isn’t that what everyone says

Moms want you to be this

Dads, well those that stuck around anyways, want you to be that

Teachers, friends, mentors, everyone wants you to be something

But what do you want to be?

They tell you to be what you want to be but yet, they spend their whole lives telling you what not to be

At five years old they ask me what I want to be

I say, “I want to be a Mermaid!”

They look at me and say, “Don’t be silly child choose something you can actually become”.

At ten years old they ask me again what do I want to be

This time I take a couple of seconds to think

I respond with “I want to be an astronaut”

They say, child choose something you can actually become

At 12 years old they ask me once again, what do I want to be

Thinking about my previous responses I think this one through

Once I’ve come to a decision I say “I want to be the president!”

They look at me as if I was joking

Once they realize that I was serious they chuckle and say “Child, dreams will remain dreams. Choose something you can actually achieve.”

When people ask me what I want to be I no longer answer instead I ask

“What do you want me to be?”

Mother wants me to be a business woman

Strong, successful, and independent

But wait…aren’t those the same qualities as a mermaid?

My friends want me to be a doctor

Confined in four walls without a moment of freedom

Do they not understand that I want to be free in the galaxy

Mentors want me to become a lawyer I could protect laws,

Make sure people follow them

But I want to be far greater than that, I want to speak for the ones without a voice

Defend the defenseless

But most of all, I want to make change even if half the house hates me

Mother, do you not see that the little faith you have in me only makes me stronger

Dear friends, do not tell me to be something so simple, simply because you chose to limit yourselves

Dear mentors, you want me to settle and make a final choice but do you not want to see the great changes I can make

Stop telling me to become something so simple when you know I was meant to do greater things!


-Sandra Rascon