Samantha Torres-Limas and Sandra Rascon and Damaris Martinez


Our generation

            Our generation is obsessed with the idea of perfection.

Society has consumed us with the thought of how we are meant to be.

At first it was skinny.

Now it is thick.

What’s next?

We are influenced by terms that aren’t real words.

Such as baddie, thot, and swag.

We look up to celebrities that are addicted to drugs, money, and fame.

They’ve taught us quotes such as “yolo” and “turn down for what!”

Lyrics have become angrier and more discriminating.

Is this really a model?

All I see in high school is a bunch of people who hate each other pretending to be friends.

It is no longer a place to learn, instead it’s become about passing, failing, appearance, and social standing.

Instead, high school has become a place we’re forced to be to witness all these things.

A girl cries.

People laugh, she thought she could trust him.

Now the whole world has seen her naked.



100 favorites.

This is what we refer to as dating.


And friends with benefits

is what our “relationships” are now called.

Sliding into DM’s leads to talking. Catching feelings. Sleeping together. And finally ending up as strangers once again.

Our generation has lost the meaning of romance.

We toss around “I love you’s” like greetings.

We give our bodies to people who don’t care.

And judged by the amount of people we let in.

Our generation relies on drugs, alcohol, and parties to get our minds off things.

Drinking leads to drunk text, drunk hookups, drunk driving, and drunk decisions.

Drugs are easy to find, when you’re happy, stressed, lonely, or simply bored.

Parties are no longer about celebrations. They’re for shots, beer pong, smoking, and most of all, sex.

Our generation tries growing up to fast.

We are masked by computer and phone screens.

Only looking up to exchange links. Confrontations have turned into 140 characters, status, and text messages.

On a lucky day, we might receive a phone call.

Doorbells are not rung instead a “I’m here” text is sent.

Rather than being ignored physically it is now by being left on “seen”.

Either way it still hurts, because getting no message, is also a message.

Technology has ruined adventuring.

We do not go out in the rain because our phones will get ruined.

We do not camp because service is unavailable.

We do not venture beyond places without outlets.

Adolescents have addictions to artificial things.

Apps have substituted outdoor activities.

Parents complain all the time about our messed up generation.

But let’s not forget who raised us.

Times have changed.

Parents have no idea what it’s like to be a teenager in this generation.

We are constantly compared to previous generations.

Surrounded by peer pressure and fake friends.

Yet still, through all the bad,

Our generation still has hope.

-       Samantha Torres- Limas, Sandra Rascon, Damaris Martinez.