Raul Saenz


I Wish


I wish the disease of corruption wouldn’t infest our country to disembody her, to be at her deathbed.


I wish we shouldn’t be afraid of entering into the House of the Lord and fear the instrument of destruction echoing in the church halls.


I wish that our education for the children wasn’t so bleak as mist on the road.


I wish that every newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter be fill with positivity, not maggots or hatred on each post.


I wish that families were more united by love than separated by separated .


This way be hopes, wishes, dreams, but we need will to turn these wishes into reality.


I will bear the fruits of nature that are being cut down, bringing to light that we must appreciate our earth before she is deprive of life.


I will end the inequality of the privileged and the foreigner, for we are all foreigners from different origins that creates the country we are in.


I will bring back the river of enriching knowledge back into the schools that were once foster.


I will open up the church doors for the sound of trumpets to usher down a blissful noise from the Heavens onto earth.