Lauren Barnes


If I could change:

By: Lauren Barnes


If I could change one thing about today

It would be the ignorance of teenagers or society in general

We’re caught up in stuff that doesn’t matter

And were shaping our futures to be worthless.



Goals: “relationship Goals” has killed the image of love.

We use the illusion of cute pictures and matching J’s and act like were so happy,

when in reality we hate the person that your with

Love and lust are commonly confused because we automatically assume that you have to have sex to be in love.


Your physical appearance will always rule over all

due to the fact that were to shallow and we think the boy or girl that is so bad

 and we think their everything we’ve ever wanted but are the real source of your pain.



If I could change one thing about today it would be are outlook on education.

We have the opportunity to open many doors to have a great life but we just throw away the key.

I’ve seen so many situations were people would rather smoke weed

 and throw it up or

Run to get the newest Jordan’s but don’t even walk to get their diploma.



I’m tired of us letting others determine who we are

We let are GPA or ACT determine how smart we are

But sometimes its not like that, sometimes we just don’t try

What some don’t understand is that education is everything today! People can take anything away from you except for what you know!  We have so much opportunity and we don’t even take the chance we have.

Without knowing something were just putting ourselves into another slavery.

We get everything handed to us on a silver platter

 and then we feel like were entitled to something, but others don’t even have the privilege to education.



If I could change one thing about today it would be how we see beauty.

A mirror has its pros and cons, mostly cons.

I have seen so many beautiful people with broken souls because the mirror on the wall doesn’t say their the fairest of them all.

We live in a world that is so focused on perfection,

are sanity is going to be infected by a virus that will make us hate ourselves for the way we were born.


What people have failed to realize that no matter how much weave you up on, make up you have, or nice clothes you have

but if I can’t look in the mirror and say, “I’m beautiful”

Then why does it point??

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, the real perfection is in words and actions but waiting on perfection is like waiting on that river when you’ve been running in the desert all day… It doesn’t exist.



If we continue to let this parasite of ignorance feed on us,

over time it will over take are hearts, minds, souls

and play us in this game called life.



But how are we going to talk about society,

when that’s what we are…..


If I could change one about today…

I would start with…