Jesus Gonzalez


Jesus Gonzalez


The Y generation, why exactly this generation?

we are the Millennial,  coming from the centennial turn.

For those, that know little; listen and learn.

we come from the early 1980s to the  2000s.


I believe this generation will bring our world to desolation.

It seems to me like we are playing a game of speed

Once a young innocent seed, not a problem with a peer.

now it’s who can I  impress by the end of the year.


I wish we could look back and see the major difference

We have fallen upon the path of resistance

What happened to going outside and having fun?

Now we are just a 1st person player shooting a gun.


I believe we are headed to a path of savagery

we are  close minded so called human beings  and very  inconsiderate

we should pay attention to school and not be so illiterate.

Feeding of the misery of people is a crime, bullying is not an option it is an act of grime.


I wish these masked anemic cowards would be less fastidious on their racial preference.

We are not a bag of Munchies,

where you eat everything you find discluding the pretzels,

we are more than a minority, we just do not just depart.

Why can’t you just accept us and look with your heart?