Itzel Almanza


The inner me

Itzel Amanza

I am a storm where all my emotions mix up just like lightning and rain.


I am captain America, where he is strong and doesn’t show his inner emotions and keeps them to himself.


I am the universe, where you can get lost in all of your emotional feelings, and could never find a way out.


They keep coming just like snow as it fills the earth.


I am the color blue where we can forget about life and just focus on the sky and how beautiful god made the earth.


I am the avenger black widow, where she fixes all her problems with justice and does anything to help the needy.


I am a guitar, as you strike every string you can feel the rush in your blood telling you to play more.


I am the ocean where you can never stop discovering something new.


I am a blizzard in where if I keep all my secrets I will explode into a beautiful rage.


I am a library where all my secrets are in the quietest place but screaming to be read.