Isabella Hang



Permission is granted for this heart- wrenching commencement

Initiating blood rockets, launching from my emotional pump to my thoughtful core


From a neuron to the next, questions raced along my sympathetic sentiment,

Asking, “ How could you do this to me? And “ Have I ever hurt you before?”


Emotions fueled the rage against my offender’s actions


Truly, the purity of Snow White suits you not


No need to summon a magical mirror for a fairness fraction.


Sharer of secrets and keeper of lies, the names you bought


At an unaffordable price, the price of my trust and the trust that didn’t suffice

A game is not friendship and friendship is not a game

For friend’s give and take to coexist, at least that’s the aim


No longer am I your helpless pawn in a game of the powerful and feeble

But beware of each mistake, for you are quite predictable


You made your move, and now I’ll make mine

Checkmate, dear friend, I am my own knight.