Ifeoma Agali


 Ifeoma  Agali



I wish the world would advocate for the political, social and economic equality for women

I wish the world were feminist. Yeah that’s right!


I wish Eve came before Adam


Maybe then the world would “find” in its heart to care for women


I wish people could open their eyes


Maybe then they would learn how the blood of women is the same as a man


I wish people knew how many women get stone for “adultery”



I wish people knew how many women loss their jobs because they “care for their children too much”



I wish people knew 1 in 6 women will be stripped of their humility

Left with nothing inside them but hate



 I wish you heard the whimpers and tears

The screams of fears when he came near


I wish you felt the pain soooo deep

 Penetrating within a soul sooo weak


I wish you saw the devil in his eyes

When he took one thing more important than life


I wish Eve came before Adam



I wish the beast left and there was just trees


I wish women could just leave



I wish all those blinded by the lies could see



I wish

I wish

I wish the world were feminist