Geovanni Alvarado


Some Wishes will never come through


I wish, I wish, I wish there are so many things I could wish. I could wish to be handsomer, tougher, brighter, selfless or brave, if that sounds too selfish I could wish for world peace, an end to world hunger, genocide, famine and war but these are all unattainable goals, no one man can change this. So why wish? What could I wish?


Well, I wish to stop being Tantalus. I no longer wish to be a cursed being swimming forever in this lonely river of life. Forever reaching forward towards those golden grapes of life. Each time a little bit out of reach but, never attainable.


I wish I could be myself, for society to accept me as who I am. I wish I could stop being seen as a joke. Id like to be seen a living breathing human being, but lets be honest, this will never happen.  Society is cold and calculating, its always looking for the weakest link in the armor. Once it finds that link it strips it out and leaves a wound that will never heal.


I wish I could find my true calling in life, but don’t we all?  To finally find something that brings meaning to our lives, but this wont happen. Most of us will just live through life as a hallow shell of our former self’s as the wind that flows through that empty shell becoming a force of regrets that reminds us what we could have been. We are most likely cursed to live a life of monotony full of greyness, lacking joy, and comfort; we will live like this till the day our heart stops ticking, like a broken clock. Tic Tic Toc, Tic Tic Toc, Tic Tic………….You know, they say when you die your life flashes before your eyes; I wonder what I will see? Bright, vibrant colors of a good life or the dull colors of grey.


I wish that the top one percent would not make 70% of the money in the good old U.S of A.  But we live in capitalist country right? The harder we work the more money we make. We are led to believe that if we are not rich it is because we are either stupid or lazy. But don’t tell me that, because I don’t believe that. How could I think that my mom and dad the two hardest working people In my life are not rich because they are lazy, no that is a stupid notion that I will not believe, but unfortunately the world seems to work that way.


These are all unattainable wishes. What makes us wish, is it our dreams or hopes for a brighter future or the greed, envy, and lust for power that drives men to wish?


What truly makes us wish, I think that our wishes are truly our hopes, but that’s what they are, just hopes that will never be achieved.