Dallas Germany


I Wish
By: Dallas Germany

I wish I could break down these walls that separate 
Everyone from the truth.
I wish I could control the natural elements so
I could provide the world with what 
It rightfully deserves.
I wish people wouldn’t have to look out their window
Before leaving their homes.
I wish I didn’t have to see people walk in packs
Like a herd of deer’s making their way through a dark forest.
I wish we could end war as quickly as the flick of a light switch.
I wish people were cleansed of their dark past, so they wouldn’t manipulate others minds as if they were their puppets.
I wish I didn’t have to feel like used tissue, tossed away and forgotten.
I wish I didn’t have to have a lonely thought in my head trying to understand who I am as if I was solving my own puzzle.
I wish I could find that door that holds all answers that remain unsolved by man.
Is this too much? If so,
I wish I didn’t have to wish…