Angelica Ponce


I wrote this poem for all the people that are negatively affected by drugs within their family or their surroundings.


You promised me you would get better

You promised me you would try harder

You promised me everything was okay;

And that you would always be my guarder

Now I take care of you

And I always seem blue

But when I think of you happy in the future;

My love for you grew

You always tell me you’re proud of me;

But you need to get it through your head that its not to late to be proud of yourself

Your actions have caused me so much pain and what really is there to gain

From this constant blame of misery

Looking normal to others but dead on the inside

Crying out for help and exclaiming your sorrow

Sometimes I am frightened because do not know if you will still be alive tomorrow

I love you with all my heart

And I leave you with this

If you were really that smart

You would deny all the attention

That these drugs persist