Gallery 11

 Alex Williams, PhD student at KU talking to the seniors during the brain development module. Thank you Alex! Photo: Restrepo Diana

Glenn North visits the KUMC SEDC for their first poetry session. Photos: Dar Hosseini

Bioethics, Group 1 team builder. Extreme tic-tac-toe. Photos: Tammie Glover Jones

Great start to Summer Residential Academy. Parent orientation was great. Students got a chance to engage in teambuilder lead by Mr.Jones making his famous harmonics debut. Students got a chance to know each other playing checkers, ninja, scrabble, and connect 4. Mentors talked about their role in Summer Residential Academy in a original skit. Adora and Sarah lead us in a campus tour. Photos; Hector Bernal

Another great day at Summer Residential Academy students from Summer Residential Academy and SEDC camp both participated in the Adams challenge course and had an opportunity to engage in some great team building exercises. Photos: Hector Bernal