2013 KU Summer Residential AWARDS!

Most Outstanding Academic Student Award

Sophomore: Jarius Jones
Junior: Mija Jones and Melanie Leyva
Senior Kossivi Esse

Most Outstanding Academic Student Improvement Award

Sophomore: Absalom Bernal and Toyion Crenshaw
Junior: Jh'ayla Clark
Senior: Hector Bernal and Maxine Her

Academy Way Counselor Award

Sophomore: Douglas Walker, Jr.
Junior: Mija Jones
Senior: Yeng Kong Lee

Most Improved Student Behavior Performance Award

Nicole Jones and Steven Reyes Valler

Citizenship Award

Kayleen Perkins

Spirit of Summer Science Academy Student Award

Hector Bernal and Kossivi Esse

Art Awards

1st Place
Hiripan Ontiveros

2nd Place 
Kossivi Esse

3rd Place
Jarius Jones

Honorable Metion

Frances Her
Kayleen Perkins
MaiSee Xiong

Team Competition

Hector Bernal

Toyion Crenshaw

Douglas Walker Jr.

Mija Jones

Kayleen Perkins

Individual Awards

Top Techno - Design All Around Excellence

Hector Bernal

Excellence in Technology

Kossivi Esse

Hiripan Ontiveros

Excellence in Design

Christian Yang

Rising Stars

Daly Yang

Nadia Rodriguez

Steven Vallee

Minute To Win It Team Builder 


1st Place (tie)

Team A – Brynt Aguilera, Toyion Crenshaw, Yeng Kong Lee, Jh'ayla Clark 

Team D – Brian Cobbins, Jr., Maxine Her, Jesus Miranda, and Daly Yang