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Teaching Core

2014/2015 Saturday Science, Math and Technology Academy


Teaching Core:

Dr. Cynthia Annett             Technology Consult and Curriculum Development

Mr. Juan Banuelas              Middle School Instructor

Mr. Cecil Christwell           Consult for Middle and High School

Ms. Brandy Fogg                High School Instructor

Mr. Bau Lau                         High School Instructor

Ms. Nancy Hamil                Middle School Instructor

Mr. Ator Ighalo                   High School Instructor

Ms. Tammie Jones             Middle School (2nd Semester Curriculum Development)

Mr. Scott Lemmon             Technology and Website

Mr. Daryoush Hosseini     Technology Middle and High School

Dr. Lerin McCray                High School Instructor

Mr. Heraclio Perez             High School Instructor

Ms. Jessica Rodas              Middle School Instructor

Mr. David Bennet              High School Instructor
Ms. Ramona Cacho           College Intern
Mr. Quran Chapell            College Intern