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Staff Expectations

Staff Expectations:  Marcia Pomeroy


“When we receive, we give. When we learn, we teach.”  Maya Angelou


We are role models for the students and each other.


We treat each other with personal respect and openness to ideas.


Side bars are not part of a respectful meeting or Academy process.


Please use the same behavior with each other that you use in student programming.

Teachers/College Interns are mentors and guides to students.


Express to students and your teaching team that you value their opinions.

Be prepared for Teacher Core/Staff meetings and classroom instruction.


Please have extra material prepared in case of time miscalculation.

“Winging it” is not a sign of a great teacher, but a lack preparation.


All Academy Teachers and College Interns are relational instructors.  Please use positive talk and listening skills with students and each other.


Be open, tolerant and culturally inclusive.  Our diversity is to be celebrated!

Anti-Gay, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, disability insensitivity, ageism, culture stereotyping, racism, sexism (also includes male put downs by females), learning differences are all areas to be mindful.  Example: “You are so retarded or spaz” Is not acceptable.


Our organization is not in the business of telling you how to believe or change your moral compass.  We can insist on behavior that shows sensitivity and respectful behavior in the areas mentioned above.


If having difficulty with a student, provide options for the student whenever possible.  This is a time for teaching and lifting each student. Example: High School Student 2013/14


Personal hygiene is critical for relational instructors.  Working in small groups allows for closer contact than lecture instruction.

Brushing teeth, bathing, clean clothes, good grooming provide students with a positive role model and a more enjoyable experience in the classroom and on teams.

Appropriate clothing is comfortable and abides by the students dress code.

Copy of dress code upon request.


It is important to remember that the students may look like adults, but they are still young people, 11-17 years of age.  Sexual jokes, being too intimate about one’s personal life are not age appropriate for the classroom or small group.  This also needs to be practiced in our team meetings as well.  How we behave together bleeds positively or negatively into our instruction and relationships with our students.


Use humor when appropriate so you and the students will have fun!


Expect to learn and grow as a person and as a Teacher/College Intern in Academy.


Additions to the expectations: