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Social Media Code of Conduct

The Academy Way for online behavior and social media

The Academy Way is to be respectful, honest, hardworking, creative and to work well with others. We follow the Academy Way when we are online just as we do when we are working together in the classroom. 

Middle School students will be provided with computers or will work in computer labs at KCKCC. Middle School students will not be allowed to use computers, cell phones or other mobile devices during break time. If a Middle School student needs to use a cell phone or mobile device during Saturday Academy they must ask a teacher, mentor or Ms. Marcia for permission.

Middle School students will have Google Accounts that are created by their parents and supervised by their parents. Middle School student Google Accounts should not be considered private, and should not be used for personal email. Saturday Academy teachers and staff will be given the usernames and passwords for Middle School Google Accounts so that they can help students log on and manage their accounts.

High School students will bring their District laptops to all Academy sessions. High School students may use their laptops or the KCKCC computer labs during class as directed by teachers and mentors. High School students may use their laptops during break time. Cell phones or mobile devices may be used when appropriate. All students must turn off their computers and other devices when directed to by teachers, mentors, or Saturday Academy staff.

High School students over the age of 16 will create their own Google Accounts for use in creating e-portfolios and projects. High School students will be responsible for keeping their usernames and passwords safe, and must be able to sign in and access their accounts during Saturday Academy.

Always be courteous and respectful online. Do not bully. Don’t be mean. Don’t send emails or post comments with that will scare, hurt, embarrass or intimidate someone else. The Saturday Academy follows the District policy for cyberbullying that can be found in the student code of conduct http://kckps.cloudaccess.net/images/departments/student_services/code.pdf

Do not post anything online that you don’t want parents, teachers, future colleges or employers to see.

Do not post your address, phone number, email, or anything that could be dangerous. Be safe online by being smart online.

Protect your passwords. Make sure that your accounts are protected.

Not everything on the web is correct, truthful, or respectful. Be careful to check if the website or post has good information before you use it in your research.

If you have to wonder if something is appropriate, it probably isn't. Please ask teachers and mentors to help you decide if it is appropriate and to deal with it if it is not.

If you see something that scares you, is disrespectful, or upsets you in anyway, ask a teacher or mentor to report it. We should help others by reporting websites or posts that are hurtful.

Make sure that you give credit for things that you use for your research and projects. If you did not make it or write it yourself, make sure that you give credit to the person who did. This include photographs, drawings, images, videos, and everything you find online that you use in your projects and research. Keep copies of the URLs for all of your sources. Your teachers will ask you to cite your sources, and if you don’t cite your sources you will get in trouble for plagiarism.

When using social media like Twitter, Facebook and other tools, be sure to follow their printed terms and conditions.

If you post to the Saturday Academy website, Facebook group, Twitter account, or other online sites, please be respectful and do not post anything personal or inappropriate. When you post online you should think about creating your professional identity and showcasing your Saturday Academy projects.