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Code of Conduct

2014/2015 Saturday Science, Math & Technology Academy





Rules apply to all structured events, e.g. instruction, lab work, field trips, etc.




1)    Must notify the K-12 Initiative office at (913) 627-4351 or Marcia Pomeroy at (816) 522-8702 in advance, if possible, if you have a conflicting event that will cause you to be absent or if you need to be dismissed early for the day.  (On the day of Academy, notify Director Marcia Pomeroy at (816) 522-8702.)

2)    Respectful language and attitude is expected towards all program participants, staff and students.

3)    On task participation

  1. Instruction time, study skills, field trips, organized activities

4)    No smoking, drugs, alcohol, or illegal activities

5)    Attendance and timely arrivals are expected

6)    Openness to new ideas and to the staff and students of this program

7)    Riding in any car except parents, program staff or prearranged student transportation is prohibited.  If driving or riding with a student, a permission slip needs to be signed and a phone call needs to be received from your parent, verifying permission slip.

8)    Rules also apply to USD #500 Transportation.  Students will act appropriately while riding the school buses and respect the driver, adult rider and bus property.  USD #500 Code of Conduct applies.




1)    Same as USD #500 (note a few additions)

  1. No spaghetti straps
  2. No muscle shirts or cut out sleeves on shirts (shirt or sweatshirt in tact)
  3. No midriffs/belly buttons exposed
  4. No short-shorts (shorts must be regular or walking length – mid-thigh)
  5. Sagging shorts, jeans or slacks will not be tolerated (wear a belt if needed)
  6. All clothing articles will be free of obscene language, which includes ethnic slurs, alcohol, drug or cigarette advertising.
  7. Personal hygiene includes regular showers, teeth brushing, deodorant and clean clothes (clean clothes and clean bodies represent a professional appearance)



1)    Participation is expected of everyone at the Academy

2)    No headphones unless instructor requests use for academic purposes.

3)    All participants at the Academy need to behave in a professional manner.  Ongoing displays of affection as in holding hands, arms around each other, ignoring teammates to talk only with girl/boy friend is not acceptable.  Everyone must be completely focused while at the Academy

4)    Behavior difficulties need to be brought to the attention of an adult instructor or mentor.  A code of conduct will be discussed in your small groups.

5)    Be flexible if new rules are added to accommodate the Academy policies or to offer a more effective program for you and the instructors

6)    Relational instructors will be addressed as Mr. or Ms. as indicated on nametag, unless instructed otherwise by faculty or staff.




1)    High School Saturday Academy students will bring District laptops to all Academy sessions.  Middle School students will be provided laptops borrowed from the District to use at Saturday Academy or they will work in the computer labs at KCKCC.  Middle and High School participants may use their laptops or the computer labs for educational purposes during class as directed by instructors.  High School students may use their personal laptops during break time. Middle School students will use the provided laptops or the computer labs during class time only.  Please be responsible for your laptop.




1)    One-on-one conferences with student and adult Instructor and director as necessary.

2)    Parents will be notified if problems cannot be handled between student and adult Instructor, mentor or director.




1)     Zero Tolerance for fighting.  Fighting will be defined for Saturday Science & Math Academy purposes as any physical or obscene verbal struggle to settle a dispute and immediate dismissal from the Academy will result from any altercations.





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