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Concerns about My Cardiopulmonary Health

posted Jan 8, 2013, 6:25 PM by Dr. Cynthia Annett   [ updated Mar 3, 2013, 2:27 PM by Nicole Kremer ]


I have cardiopulmonary concerns.  My diet is terrible.  My style of cooking calls for high sodium levels and lots of grease.  My diet adds to my high blood pressure problems.  They are hereditary.  My anger at times adds to these problems.  My last problem is that I have heart palpitations.  They cause shortness of breath, over working of my heart, and other problems that can lead to death.  I will definitely take more concern with my problems.


At this moment, I don’t have many concerns regarding my cardiopulmonary system.  Firstly, I have a healthy diet every day.  I try to drink more water and less sugary drinks.  Furthermore, I eat vegetables and lots of fruits.  Also, I try to eat in small portions to control my hunger.  Lastly, I maintain a good exercise routine.  I do a lot of walking every day.  I practice breathing exercises to exercise my lung capacity.  Moreover, playing sports outside increases my blood levels.  In conclusion, my cardiopulmonary health is stable and will continue to be stable in the future.


I’m afraid that due to the genetic symptoms because my family has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also heart failure that I am in risk of it all.  Down the line, I could be in store for strokes, heart attacks, and cardiac arrest.  All of the things I listed come from my parents and grandparents which means why I get older I might also be heading down that road.  But, on the other hand, if I go down a good path of health, I can overcome it all because if I don’t I have a lot of ways to die and we don’t need that.


I have no cardiopulmonary problems because I play basketball.  I stretch and run every day.  I also have a high metabolism so it is easier for me to burn off fat.  I do eat a lot though, but with me exercising and continuing to eat right.  I will not have cardiopulmonary problems.


I have several reasons why I don’t have any cardiopulmonary concerns.  I am active a lot.  My running keeps my cardio up and helps me burn calories.  Doing my homework and thinking everyday helps me stay sharp.  Working out keeps fat trimmed off of me.  I also have a good diet.  I keep my fatty foods to a limit.  I eat fruits and vegetables all the time.  I also eat a lot of meat which keeps any protein up.  Overall, I try to stay healthy and have no health problems.


I am concerned about cardiopulmonary health, but not as much as others.  The only concern I have is high blood pressure.  My grandma has high blood pressure, which means I might develop it over time.  High blood pressure puts me at risks of having a heart attack, developing diseases, and even death.  The reason why I am not so concerned is because I have an active style.  I exercise at least three times a day.  That helps me breathe better.  So for my health, I should keep a healthy and active style so I will not develop high blood pressure.


I don’t have any cardiopulmonary health concerns because of my diet and exercise.  I play volleyball a lot.  During practice, we run a lot.  I participate in gym sports every time we have gym.  I have a great diet.  We only eat out once every two weeks.  At home, I’m always eating fruits and vegetables.  I drink plenty of water.  I don’t really drink a lot of sugar filled drinks.  For these reasons, I have no cardiopulmonary health concerns.


I really don’t have any cardiopulmonary concerns because my health is fine.  And when I exercise, I run, do sit –ups, or stretch.  But my mom actually has high cholesterol.  She can get stroke, a heart attack, or even cancer.  And, that’s why I don't have any cardiopulmonary concerns.


I don’t particularly have nay cardiopulmonary concerns because I eat healthy and exercise from time to time.  I usually eat a few fruits and veggies a day as well as grains , proteins, and especially milk.  I participate in a couple of sports at my school such as tennis and soccer.  I make sure I run and do the appropriate exercises for the sport but also other things that will help me as well.  Overall, I think I’m pretty much healthy and nothing really comes up at the doctors appointments and or physicals other than a little bit of weak ankles.  I’m pretty healthy.