Mui Lau

Hi everyone. My name is Mui Thin Lau. I was born in Vietnam. My family arrived to the United State on September 7, 2001. I was raised from a big family, whereas I have seven brothers and two sisters. I can speak multi languages: Cantonese, Vietnamese, and some Mandarin and Spanish. For my education, I attended Central Middle School and I graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts & Science on 2008. Currently, I attend University Missouri of Kansas City studying in chemistry and working my way through pharmacy school.

Things I enjoy doing: I’m an active person. I like to get involved in the community through volunteering. I enjoy playing sports, especially volleyball and soccer. I enjoy traveling, gardening, and trying new things.

This is my 6th year in Saturday Science and Math Academy. Last summer, I worked with students at KU, Lawrence. I was a counselor and  faculty teaching the sleep module in the summer Science Academy at Lawrence. I had a blast working with students and enjoyed teaching. I was happy that students realized the importance of sleep (sleep is essential for survival, normal motor, and cognitive functions) and consequences of sleep deprivation. They well most likely apply what they learned to their daily life or inform their families and friends.

I enjoy working with students who eager to learn and interested in excelling in higher education. This year the curriculum changes to a high tech system. I’m excited for the new curriculum with the three modules of Earth, Water and Air. I look forward to having great year.