Liz Hicks

Happily continuing to work the super-fabulous KCK Saturday Academy!!  I look forward to seeing our wonderful students this year - it will ROCK!!!  AND - hopefully, I will be accompanied by my wonderful daughter and assistant, Kayleeann!

Oh, and I, too, was raised in KCK (born in Lawrence, at the old LMH - now torn down!) original Dotte!  Educated at Hazel Grove, Claude Huyck (go Eagles!!!), Arrowhead MS, Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, PittState (woot-woot, Gorillas - gave me my BS Biology (minor chemistry)!!), Emporia (math education), University of Saint Mary (teaching license and Masters degree), next school (financing in the works!).

Worked for USD500 (science teacher), Kauffman Scholars (math coach), EarthWorks/Exchange City (program specialist), Kansas City Zoological Gardens (staff naturalist), KCKCC (science instructor), Greenpeace (activist), oh, and too many others to mention (ugh!).  Currently working for KCKCC and Saturday Academy.

BEST JOB EVER:  Being a Mom to my totally awesome, bestest-daughter-in-the-universe - Ms. Kayleeann (aka-Raspberry!).