Nonelaci Her

Hello everyone, my name is Nonelaci Her.
I am Hmong-American.
My parents are from Thailand and they came to the United States during the Vietnam War.
I was born in Pontiac, Michigan on July 25, 1992.
Moved to Kansas around 1993 and recently living in the state of Kansas.
Attended Welborn Elementary and West Middle School (during childhood years).
I graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts & Science on May 2010 (Spartans!) also the first generation to attend college.
I am currently majoring in Nursing and Pharmacy at Kansas City Kansas Community College. This is my second year so far, next year I will be transferrring to KU and spending two years in getting my bachelor in Nursing and Pharmacy.
I am currently continuing my work with Saturday Academy at KCKCC as a College Intern (love it).
I been in this program since the seventh grade, along with other programs, as the following:
-YLDC: Youth Leadership Development Corps including Media at KCKCC and Tutoring at KUMed.
-KCK Organic Teaching Gardens: With Garden Coodinator Mark Manning at several Kansas City Kansas Elmentary and Middle Schools.
-Family Genetic Night: With Director Marica Pomeroy, Dr. Mary and Liz Hicks at KCKCC.
-GCRC (General Clinical Research Center): Summer Student Intern at KUMed with Dr. Keith Allen Greiner.
 I enjoy working with students of all ages who are interested in learning and enhancing their knowledge for themselves and for the world. I am looking forward to working this year with every students and continue the communication of education with everyone.